Bubble Watch: Week of January 25

At this point in the season, the Bubble is bigger than ever, as there are many teams trying to jockey for position and impress the selection committee. Here is a quick look at some games this week that could have a major impact on the Bubble!

Creighton @ Georgetown
Tues 1/26, 6:30 pm FS1
Georgetown is a team squarely on the bubble at this moment, as they try to navigate the treacherous Big East. They recently got a big win at Xavier, but followed that up with a non-conference road loss to UConn. They also have eight losses already, and can’t afford another. One of those eight losses was against Creighton, who can get back on the Bubble if they can complete the season sweep of the Hoyas.

Texas Tech @ #1 Oklahoma
Tues 1/26, 7:00 pm ESPN2
You know Oklahoma isn’t on the Bubble, as they may have already cemented their spot in the tourney. Texas Tech on the other hand, is fighting to stay alive. They are struggling in Big 12 play, and I currently have them out of my field of 68. They nearly knocked off West Virginia over the weekend, but they couldn’t finish the job. They get another huge chance on Tuesday in Norman. If they can upset the Sooners, they’ll be right back in the conversation.

Tulsa @ Houston
Weds 1/27, 8:00 pm ESPN News
The American Conference is an interesting case this year. They could have anywhere from one team in the tourney, to four teams. It could have been even more if SMU were eligible for the postseason. Tulsa is your current AAC leader, but that is a very fluid position. Houston was the early leader, but now they are just trying to desperately hang on to a Bubble position. A win over Tulsa would help them out, while Tulsa needs this win to help their at-large chances.

Notre Dame @ Syracuse
Thur 1/28, 7:00 pm ESPN2
Notre Dame is on the right side of the Bubble currently, while Syracuse is on the wrong side. But that could change for both teams depending on the result of this game. The Irish recently got a big road win over Duke, but a road win over Syracuse would definitely enhance their profile. The Orange have been much better since Coach Jim Boeheim’s return, and a win over Notre Dame would move them up the Bubble for sure. How much might depend on the final score and their overall performance.

Washington @ UCLA
Thur 1/28, 10:00 pm FS1
The Pac 12 has been an extremely competitive league this season, and they are looking to put upwards of eight teams in the tournament this year. These two teams are currently on the Bubble, and every Bubble game in the Pac 12 is important right now. These two teams opened Pac 12 play on New Year’s Day, with Washington getting the 2OT win. If they can sweep the season series against the Bruins, that would definitely be a boon to their tournament profile. With eight losses already, UCLA just needs all the victories they can get.

If you get a chance, be sure to tune in to these games. It could help you when you’re filling your bracket out in March. This week’s Bracketology will be posted tomorrow, so be on the lookout!

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